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Court Ordered Community Service Instructions

Ready to go right now? Great! Just check your email immediately after you have sent us your information and you will find a welcome email with several links to help you get your Court required community service hours started right away. Please check your email before you continue.
Information below is for our online Community Service Records tracking service but please do not continue unless you have first read your welcome email because it will contain helpful information for using all our services to get your court ordered community service hours done easily. With this service, you can use online timesheets to keep track of the court ordered hours you work and even submit these timesheets to the courts. Your probation officer can also receive a password so that they can login and review your progress as needed.
To get started just check your email first and follow the directions to see if you need an online timesheet. Most people will not need an online timesheet for court ordered community service. If you read the guide and find that you do need online timesheet just follow the directions and we will help you set it up. After you read the CS101 Community Service Guide you will discover how easy it can be to find court ordered community service options and your assignments will start coming as fast as you can complete them.

Need Court ordered community service options for Community Service hours? Click Here to get started with your Community Service.
Instructions... check your email for links and determine if you need a timesheet for court ordered community service. This website can be used to find options for community service locations and to keep track of your community service hours. If you already have a username and password, click here to login.

CS101 is a password protected website created to make it easier for Workers, Non-Profit Site Managers and Court Employees to keep track of court ordered community service hours. Our main office is located in Chicago, IL and we work with Court Services and Probation Officers around the Country to provide a safe and secure online site where all defendants assigned to Court-Ordered Community Service can keep track of their Court-ordered Hours.

We are not a non-profit organization but we do maintain a database of non-profit organizations who accept court ordered community service workers in different locations. We also provide online timesheets for court ordered community service workers which can be used to record and keep track of their hours. These timesheets for court-ordered service can be printed and submitted to the courts for review as needed. There is a fee to some of our services and all fees are paid by workers. Reduced fees are always available for workers who are unable to pay. There is no cost for worksite managers and/or court officers to access and review timesheets for registered workers.
Online options for those who Need Court ordered community service options.
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