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Please be sure to read all instructions below and be sure you understand them before you start. Your hours will be approved as soon as you complete this project.
You will need to find a public park close to your house.
To get credit for this project, you will need to take along a digital camera and take several pictures of yourself with a garbage bag picking up trash in this park. This will be much easier if you can have someone take the pictures for you. You must take at least 1 picture for every 15 minutes you work. For example if you pick up trash for 4 hours, you will need to take and submit at least 16 pictures. You should also include a picture with yourself and a sign with the parks name when possible. You are approved to work up to 20 hours on this project. You can work less if you choose.
DO NOT email your pictures to CS101 or anyone else. As soon as you have taken all your pictures you should click here -> Group Rooms - 30 Free Prints to create your own photo storage account and upload all your pictures to your own account. Only people you invite can see your photos! Your photos will be stored here only until you complete your hours and you can delete them all when you are finished. There is NO charge to store your photos here.
Now that you have all your photos safely stored, you can share them with CS101 and we will add them to your Community Service File of completed projects. Note - If you do not have a Timesheet yet, we will create one for you and make the first entry on your timesheet as soon as we see your photos.
As soon as you complete the first project and you have submitted your pictures you may request another Park Project for additional hours. Please make sure that your pictures have been received and your Timesheet has been approved before starting another park.
If you have any questions, please contact CS101. If you have any problems uploading your photos to the storage site your specialist will be happy to help you. We have helped hundreds of people to finish their hours on time.

List of Non-Profit Locations for Court Ordered Community Service Options.

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Community Service 101 maintains a database of court approved community service worksite locations. You are signing up for our Community Service list of local non profit options near your home. After you submit payment you will receive an email with a list of Court approved Non-Profit worksites where you can start right away. You can contact these worksites right away and print the list if needed. These are locations near your home where you can complete hours. This list is customized for your address and will be emailed to you only after your payment is received.

With this option - It is your responsibility to contact the worksites and arrange your hours. We will not track your hours and it will be your responsibility to receive proof of hours served from each site.

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