List of Non-Profit Worksites

When you receive your list

You will receive an email with a list of non-profits near you and their estimated distance from your home address. Please review it right away to be sure these non-profits are close to your home.
Contact addresses and/or phone numbers will be provided for all locations. Note - because we do not know what schedule you are available to work, we do not contact all these worksites before sending you the list. We only check a few. Some of these locations only accept a limited number of volunteers and may not have immediate openings for you. It is your responsibility to start contacting them as soon as you receive your list and ask if they are currently accepting volunteers. If you wait too long they may be full. Please contact all locations and if for any reason you cannot find an opening you can request additional lists for no charge.
Please rest assured and feel confident that if you start calling the numbers on your list when you receive it, you will have no problem finding a location close to home and getting your hours done.
Some Courts will have special restrictions on where you can work so be sure to let your court services know when you have started and what you are doing. As a general rule, if the work you are doing is beneficial to the public and you are being supervised by a non-profit it will be accepted as Community Service. Good Luck!

Full Service Program Information Below

If you don't have time to make those phone calls, or even if you just don't want the hassle of making calls and keeping track of timesheets, we have a program for you! With our Full Service program you can have a community service coordinator who will find you a place to work and keep track of all your hours for you. They will even fill out all your paperwork and send it in to the court for you. There is a monthly service charge of $35 to register and take advantage of the full service option and you must have 30 days or more remaining before your hours are due. If you have less than 30 days remaining, you will need to order a list and start calling now.
Information below is for our online Community Service Records tracking service. With our unique full service online tracking program, you can use online timesheets to keep track of the community service hours you work and even submit these timesheets to the courts or school counselors when needed. Your school or probation officer can also receive a password so that they can login and review your progress as needed.

Need Court ordered community service options for Community Service hours? Click Here to get started with your Community Service.
This website can be used to keep track of your community service hours. Please click here to see our Full Service Program. If you already have a username and password, click here to login.
CS101 is a password protected website created to make it easier for Workers, Non-Profit Site Managers, School Counselors and Court Employees to keep track of community service hours. Our main office is located in Chicago, IL and we work with Court Services and Probation Officers around the Country to provide a safe and secure online site where workers can keep track of their community service Hours.
We maintain a database of non-profit organizations who accept community service workers in different locations. We also provide online timesheets for community service workers which can be used to record and keep track of their hours. These timesheets can be printed and submitted for review as needed. There is a fee to use some of our services and these fees may be paid by workers or community service organizations. There is no cost for schools or court officers to access and review timesheets for registered workers.
Online options for those who Need community service options.
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