Buying Community Service Hours

We have a List of Community Service Ideas for Court

How to Buy Community Service Hours

Very popular question that we see all the time is - Buying Community Service Hours - or How can I buy my Community Service Hours? And the short answer is - Don't even try. Your already in trouble and now you want to get in more trouble by trying to buy your hours or get community service hours without doing them. Of course you could find several places online that will take your money and sell you a piece of paper that says you did your community service with them but you should think about this one very carefully before you buy community service hours! When you hand that piece of paper to the Court, you are telling them that you did your Community Service hours when you really did not do them. The Court may look up the place you bought your hours online and then they will know that you paid for them. Judges tend to get really mad when you try to trick them. They can quickly issue a warrant for your arrest and now you got a new charge to deal with.

So What can you do?

Skip the shortcuts, forget about cheating and we can help you find a place to do your Community Service so you don't get in more trouble. Court ordered community service can be difficult to find. What we offer is a list of non-profit work-sites near your home where you can get your Community Service hours done. Click here to find Community Service locations near your home. We maintain Lists of Non-Profit Locations for Community Service all over the country. Most organizations will not accept community service workers. For this reason CS101 has partnered with several non-profit charities to provide you with many ideas and options for completing your community service. These ideas allow individuals to complete their community service quickly and easily. With the help of our approved community service partners, we have created a way for you to search and find court ordered community service near your home. Sign up now to receive a list of non-profit work sites accepting community service volunteers. After you have completed your hours, the worksite will provide you with a letter validating your service as required for court.

Get started right away...

Have you been assigned community service hours by a court? Do you need some ideas to help you get started with your community service? We have lots of community service ideas. First thing you need to know is get started with your Community Service as soon as possible. Don't put it off. Waiting till later could be a big mistake because you never know what could happen. Finding a place to get your community service hours is always easier when you are not approaching a deadline and you have time to find a place you like.

Court Approved Community Service Locations..

We currently have court approved worksites listed in all major cities and suburbs plus many opportunities in Counties who assign Community Service. When you purchase you will receive additional information on all Court Ordered Community Service Projects currently available. Additional Community service ideas are also available and will be emailed to all customers. When you sign up with CS101 you will be contacted by one of our Community Service helpers who will provide more instructions on your options and help you to get everything done as quickly and easily as possible. Court Ordered Community Service support helps to complete your hours on time and as easily as possible..

Online Community Service Options

Online Community Service - Complete your Court Ordered Community Service online. Some of these locations may have online work that you can complete from home. When you sign up with our Community Service program you will be able to choose your own location from a list of court approved and court ordered community service worksites located near your home. Many of these locations may have online or work at home projects that you can work on. Please be sure to ask your court before starting work on any at home or online community service project. Many courts will not allow this and you may not receive credit for online work. We will help you contact the worksite and keep track of your hours as required. We can also provide proof of service to the courts. You can contact as many locations or worksites as you like and you can combine hours at different locations if your court allows.

Getting started with community service ideas..

Before you begin working hours for court ordered community service, you should first make sure that the organization is approved by your court. Some courts will not permit community service at your school or church while others freely allow it. Your probation officer should be able to confirm that the 501 c(3) non-profit organization, that you have selected will meet your sentencing obligations. You will need to make sure that you maintain good records of every date and hour worked. You should also make sure that you sign in and out on the agency's work log sheet if they provide one or our community service timesheet if the worksite does not have a timesheet. Be prepared to provide proof of your identity as well as papers to document what you have been convicted of. Some organizations will also require you to complete an application, a volunteer orientation, a test or sometimes even a health screening test for tuberculosis or other infectious diseases.

Questions about Community Service ?

Although we would like to help everyone with Court Ordered Community Service Options, there are thousands of people currently struggling to find court ordered community service worksites and we just cannot respond to individual questions unless you have registered with us and paid for our program. Please review our list of Frequently Asked Questions after you register and if you cannot find your answer there please contact us after you register and we can then provide help with all your community service questions. If you need to get started very quickly, you can also review our fast start page When you register using this page, our community service experts will get your information quicker and they can respond immediately to your community service questions.

Courts and Community Service Requirements..

Many courts will mandate community service as a part of a sentence. Your lawyer might also request that the court permit you to perform community service instead of paying court fines if you are unable to afford the fines. Many non-profit organizations will accept court mandated volunteers but for safety, security, and liability reasons some worksites will not accept those with felony convictions or defendants who have committed violent crimes. Finding a place to volunteer is not as easy as it might seem. If you are a juvenile, it can become even harder. Contact us by signing up for our Community Service program and we will help you get started with Court Ordered Community Service.
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