Court Ordered Community Service Ideas

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  2. Contact Habitat for Humanity to see how you can support them in your community.
  3. Volunteer to clean up trash at a community event or county fair.
  4. Survey community agencies to learn the leading causes of accidents in your community then design a campaign to reduce accidents.
  5. Conduct a community service project to help your local church.
  6. Participate in a Community Service Day with your local parks dept.
  7. Make signs to label community buildings and other service sites of interest.
  8. Make maps or directories of local organizations which provide service in your community.
  9. Volunteer to help set up for a community event.
  10. Plant or help to create and organize a community garden.
  11. Help out at a local community center.
  12. Join a community crime prevention organization.
  13. Form a volunteer lawn mowing service for seniors in your community.
  14. Go for a walk with a senior citizen in your community.
  15. Set up a volunteer referral service between your school and other community organizations.
  16. Design and paint a community mural.
  17. Organize a community car wash with proceeds going to a local church.

More Community Service Ideas

Community service ideas can be difficult to find. Finding a community service opportunity shouldn't be that complicated... With the help of our approved community service partners, we have created a way for you to search and find community service ideas near your home. Sign up for our Community service program now to receive a list of community service ideas and worksites accepting community service volunteers. After you have completed the required hours of community service, the worksite will provide you with a letter validating your hours as required for court or school requirements.

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The purpose of Community Service Ideas is to provide access to multiple choices of community service ideas within your local community. We believe that more community service choices and creative ideas make it possible to help improve the community.

Community Service ideas was created to make community involvement possible to those who are unable to locate community service programs on their own. Our customers include anyone who is struggling to find new ideas to complete their community service. With Community Service ideas, we provide new ideas for community service.

Many of our ideas for community service revolve around non-profits, charities and religious organizations. Community Service 101 has partnered with several non-profit charities to provide you with many ideas and options for completing your community service. These ideas allow individuals to complete their community service quickly and easily.

Community Service 101 provides ideas which work well for people who have court mandated community service. Our ideas and our community service programs are designed for individuals who need to be involved in their community most. Community involvement is a necessarry part of community service and hopefully the ideas we provide for community service will benefit you, the community and everyone involved

More Community Service Ideas:

Please visit ourlocations page to get more Community Service Ideas for the following locations...

Cook County Illinois Community Service Unit

The Cook County Illinois Community Service Unit operates two community-based probation sites located in areas where large numbers of probationers reside. The Department's community-based reporting sites are located in Chicago, Illinois 60612, and Chicago, Illinois 60622.

Los Angeles CA, San Diego CA, San Jose CA

Help me with Community Service Ideas

Community Service Ideas

It is always importamt to remember that whatever you choose to help you complete your community service hours, you must have your hours approved by the person who you report to. If you use any of the community service ideas listed on this page, you should be sure that the hours you work will be accepted as community service. If you do not verify these ideas as acceptable community service, you could complete hours and find out later that your work does not qualify as community service per your requirements. As a general rule most work that is supervised by a non-profit organization and provides a service to the general public or community will be accepted as community service. If you have been ordered or required to complete these hours you may have additional restrictions. Always check!

Community Service Updates

Our staff is always working to help you find more community service ideas. We are helping several people find new ideas and also working to update and improve community pages on our website. The information we provide may change frequently and we will update pages as new ideas and information becomes available.

Community Service Programs

We have several programs available to help you with your community service requirements. The easiest way to get updated information about our programs is to subscribe to our free mailing list. Of course you can cancel anytime.

Community Service Locations

Community Service Ideas listed on this page have been used to satisfy Court ordered Community Service and Community Service requirements for schools and county courts in many areas as listed below.


  • Cook County Courts
  • DuPage County Courts
  • Kendall County
  • Kane County
  • School District 203 and 204


  • Atlanta
  • Marietta
  • Augusta
  • Richmond County
  • Cobb County
  • Clarke County
  • Sandy Springs
  • Savannah GA

Community Service Testimonials

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Mike Sez; Why the hell would I pay to find community service places. I can find community service on my own. That's what I thought but after several weeks of calling and wasting my time looking for community service, I ponied up the cash and bought the list from Community Service 101. Called the first place on the list and got hired. Community service on the beach. Yeah baby.

Andre Sez; Judges in Cook county Suck. SWAP, community service, fines. I got screwed all the way around. Lucky I found Community Service 101 and my community service specialist helped me to get SWAP converted into community service hours. Got me off the chain gang and it was hellu cheaper than a lawyer.

Crystal Sez; I got my Community Service hours done. Thanks Community Service 101 for getting me into a program and getting all my papers straightened out with probation.

Community Service Ideas

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