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    Community Service Testimonials

    Amber Sez; I discovered Community Service 101 when my juvenile daughter got caught shoplifting and I got community service hours. I signed up for their community service program and quickly got my community service hours done! At first I was suspicious, but Community Service 101 quickly turned me into a believer. Their program offers a fast way of doing your community service and I had a community service specialist to answer all my questions. Community Service 101 gets an A+ in my book.

    Mike Sez; Why the hell would I pay to find community service places. I can find community service on my own. That's what I thought but after several weeks of calling and wasting my time looking for community service, I ponied up the cash and bought the list from Community Service 101. Called the first place on the list and got hired. Community service on the beach. Yeah baby.

    Andre Sez; Judges in Cook county Suck. SWAP, community service, fines. I got screwed all the way around. Lucky I found Community Service 101 and my community service specialist helped me to get SWAP converted into community service hours. Got me off the chain gang and it was hellu cheaper than a lawyer.

    Crystal Sez; I got my Community Service hours done. Thanks Community Service 101 for getting me into a program and getting all my papers straightened out with probation.

    Community Service Ideas

    This is the end of Community Service Ideas