Edwards & Petersen, PLC

Edwards & Petersen, PLC

The Experienced Attorneys at Edwards & Petersen, PLC are on your side. We fight for your rights and work to ensure the best possible outcome. Itís our dedication to you and your family that will make the difference throughout your case.

Get a top defense attorney to protect your rights if you are facing a DUI. The attorneys at Edwards & Petersen are knowledgeable and have experience in dealing with different types of driving under the influence charges. Schedule a consultation today to ensure your rights are protected.

This is a critical moment in your life. Everything could change in an instant without the proper representation. Remember: A DUI charge does not necessarily mean you are guilty. However, because Arizona DUI laws are so strict, it is imperative that you put your trust in the hands of experienced DUI defense lawyers who can fight the battle with you. The Edwards & Petersen team is: Experienced in dealing with Arizona DUI cases Knowledgeable about Arizona police practices regarding drunk driving arrests Experienced with the drug and alcohol testing procedures used by police in Arizona

The Edwards & Petersen team can: Work to try and keep you out of jail Help you understand the court process Interact with the Court and Aggressive Prosecutors on your behalf Help you keep or get back your driving privileges During our initial meeting we take the time to answer all your questions and review the entire situation. We discuss and review the events that led up to the initial contact with law enforcement and events that transpired with law enforcement. After our initial meeting and upon becoming a client of The Law Office of Edwards & Petersen we go to work for you. We continue to build your case by researching all the legal issues involved with your case. Along the way we make sure to keep you informed during the entire process. Once again, we understand that this is a stressful time and not knowing what is occurring with your case is frustrating so we maintain a high level of communication to prevent any unnecessary frustration.

Our legal defense process for DUI/DWI convictions: First, we create a personal file specifically designed for you and your case. This file contains, among other things, all the information gathered during our initial consultation and a continuing record of the progress of your case; allowing us to serve you at an optimal level. Second, if needed, we draft several motions that need to be filed quickly on your behalf, including a notice of appearance, notice of our defense, and a motion for discovery. Third, as we are working on your case, we get in touch with the assigned prosecutor and begin negotiations pertaining to a potential plea offer. Once we acquire all the necessary information, we sit down together and review the progress made on your case and what the best course of action will for your case. Deciding on how to move forward is often a tough decision, this is why the Law Office of Edwards & Petersen believes in providing you with a flat fee.

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