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Arizona DUI penalties are harsh. Arizona has some of the toughest “drunk-driving” laws in the United States. That’s why there is no substitute for hiring an experienced DUI defense attorney. Located in Mesa, DUI defense attorney Mark Heath represents people charged with all levels of DUI across Arizona and the Phoenix metro area. But more importantly, he won’t forget compassion along the way.

A DUI can be devastating but we’ll help guide you through this stressful time. We’ll provide the tools, innovation and experience you need to fight back and get your life on track. We’ll sit down together through our client collaborative approach to determine your best defenses and strategies.

Even if this your second or third DUI offense, your case isn’t beyond hope or help. Don’t beat yourself up and take action. Sometimes addiction may be at the root of the issue. With our network of professionals, we’ll also assist in getting you the help you need to not only fight this case but prevent future charges from happening again.

TYPES OF DUI OFFENSES WE DEFEND: There are many different types of DUI offenses in Arizona. They are: Driving while impaired to the slighting degree; Driving with a BAC 1 over .08; Extreme DUI (BAC over .15); Super Extreme DUI (BAC over .2); DUI drugs; Commercial Driver DUI; OUI (Boating DUI); and Aggravated DUI (Felony DUI).


The answer to that depends on the type of DUI you were charged with, amount of alcohol in your blood (BAC), and existence of prior criminal history. If convicted of a DUI there are some mandatory minimum punishments you must be aware of. This can range from 1 day in jail for a first time offense (BAC below.15) to 15 years in prison for the most serious Aggravated DUI charge. No matter where you fall in the spectrum, we can help you fight against your DUI charge. We’ve dedicated our practice to fighting DUI in Arizona and know the defenses inside and out.


Because creativity and innovation are limitless, it’s impossible to list every possible DUI defense. No two cases are ever the same. Keen legal strategy is an art that’s built on experience and hard work. But the three main defenses to a DUI look at the constitutionality and the facts (i.e. not impaired or not the driver). This requires careful examination of the techniques used to collect a blood or breath sample. Improper techniques can cause an inflated BAC reading. No matter what type of DUI charge you’re facing, we can help you. Give us a call today and get the help you need.

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