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DUI Defense Attorney Phoenix – There are many aggravated assault cases and manslaughter cases pending right now which began as a simple DUI case. Such cases generally carry mandatory prison sentences even for first-time offenders. The best course of action is to avoid a DUI or even a much more serious felony crime by not drinking at all prior to driving. However, if you are indeed charged with a crime arising from consuming alcohol or any drug prior to or during driving, obtaining a highly skilled attorney is critical. Moreover, he often presents speeches to various groups discussing the legal issues surrounding DUI defense. Chandler DUI Attorney Marc J. Victor is available 24/7/365 to give legal advice to people in emergency situations. He can always be reached through his law firm at 480-755-7110. Attorney Marc J. Victor has successfully represented countless people in both the felony and misdemeanor versions of DUI for over 20 years. – DUI Defense Attorney Phoenix

DUI Defense Attorney Phoenix – A conviction for the class 4 felony version of DUI carries a minimum of four months of prison time and a three year license revocation. There are many other serious consequences as well. Even the misdemeanor version of DUI is certainly one of the most serious misdemeanor crimes. A misdemeanor DUI conviction carries mandatory jail, substantial fines, a driver’s license suspension, counseling, and other serious court, administrative and insurance rate consequences.

DUI Defense Attorney Phoenix – A misdemeanor DUI does not require the prosecutor to prove any particular state of mind. Unlike most other crimes, DUI is a “strict liability” crime. Said another way, it makes no difference that the accused was careful to avoid a DUI. In Arizona, if the prosecutor can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a driver was even slightly impaired by any drug or alcohol or that a driver had a blood alcohol content of at least .08% within two hours of driving, the accused can be convicted of DUI. Further, a person need not even be driving to be found guilty of DUI. Simply being in “actual physical control” of a motor vehicle is sufficient to support a conviction for DUI. Although there is no absolute test to determine whether a person is in “actual physical control” of a motor vehicle, having the keys in the ignition with the engine running can present a difficult issue. – DUI Defense Attorney Phoenix

DUI Defense Attorney Phoenix – Simply having an illegal drug, or a legal prescription only drug without a prescription in the blood while operating a motor vehicle can also support a Chandler Arizona Drug DUI. Certain metabolites of such drugs can also support a conviction for drug DUI in Arizona. In these cases, the prosecutor need not prove any impairment at all. Moreover, there can be even more harsh driver’s license penalties for this version of DUI. Finally, the greatest risk of a DUI is the possibility that such conduct could easily escalate into something much more serious. If, while driving impaired, a driver causes an accident where another person is injured or killed, a DUI crime can easily escalate into a felony aggravated assault or even a manslaughter charge. – DUI Defense Attorney Phoenix

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