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After you have been charged with a first-time DUI in Mesa, AZ, it is extremely important that you contact an aggressive DUI attorney to fight for you. The are many defense strategies an attorney can use to prove your innocence or to gain a significant reduction of the charges including lack of evidence, faulty testing, and witness credibility. Naegle & Crider Criminal Defense Attorneys has the experience and knowledge needed to investigate your case from all angles and fight using these strategies and tactics.

Mandatory minimum of 10 consecutive days in jail. Nine of these days may be suspended after you successfully complete a drug and alcohol program (approximately $400), attend an alcohol screening (approximately $200), and pay a minimum fine and surcharge of approximately $2,100. Maximum of six months in jail. An alcohol/drug treatment program. Installation of an ignition interlock device. Community service. Probation. License suspension.

The legal limit for blood alcohol concentration or BAC in Arizona to operate a motor vehicle is .08%. Make sure you hire a criminal defense lawyer who is competent in handling 1st time DUI cases to ensure you are receiving the best possible defense for the charges against you.

With a DUI attorney on your side it takes only 2-3 months you to get you back to the life you were living prior to your arrest. A 1st time DUI attorney will also help you walk away with a much more favorable outcome than you can expect to receive defending yourself.

Contact Naegle & Crider Criminal Defense Attorneys now for your free consultation. When you hire Naegle & Crider Criminal Defense Attorneys, you will only work with an experienced DUI lawyer, Charlie Naegle. You’re more than a number to us and we’ll make sure you walk away knowing that.

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