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At Rosenstein Law Group in southern Arizona, we work hard to deliver the highest quality counsel and representation in DUI and criminal traffic offense cases for clients. You can rely on us to build a solid defense against your charges. If you have questions regarding your defense, call for your free consultation at 480-248-7666.

Our criminal defense representation extends to multiple communities such as Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe, Paradise Valley, Chandler, Gilbert, Prescott and Flagstaff.

Our Arizona criminal defense law firm serves clients vigorously and in any specific court where your case will be heard, including: Justice courts/Superior Court East Valley courts West Valley courts

A DUI arrest is a frightening and high-stakes event. Our attorneys believe that it is important for our clients to know their rights at every stage of their case. We also know that results are what our clients are looking for above all. No two cases are alike, and it is impossible to predict with certainty how your Arizona drunk driving defense will play out. However, we confidently offer aggressive DUI defense tactics in every case, including those involving challenging issues:Aggravated DUI Repeat offenses Drug possession and paraphernalia charges, including prescription drug DUI Hit-and-run/DUI-related offenses Ignition interlock violations

Perhaps you were already convicted on charges of drunk driving and need information as to whether you can get your record expunged or how to get your conviction set aside. You are asking the right questions. We have answers at Rosenstein Law Group. Call for your free consultation at 480-248-7666.

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